Mentoring the Jig
By Danette Key

Marvin, the young pig
Wanted to learn the jig.
So he asked Mr. Cow,
Who didn’t know how.
Then asked Mrs. Chicken
Who said she didn’t.
He ran to the dog
Who coughed up a frog!
So on to the cat,
But instead, Cat just sat.
Chose to ask Mr Fig
Who too was a pig,
“But a pig for awhile”,
He said with a smile.
“So doing a jig,
Is what I do big!
Marvin oinked a laugh,
As he winked at the calf,
“New perspectives I learn
When I take my turn,
Being a mentee to Fig
In learning the jig!”

The story ends here,
But let me make clear,
A mentor can lift
And be such a gift!