Sneak Peek! "Daffodil Hill"

By Danette L Key | February 6th, 2015

I love writing and I enjoy feedback. I post clips of my stories here and there for just that reason. Please take a look at my most recent project and let me know what you think.

The animal Harry Booth captured in the trees beyond his home was just a baby. He was sure it was a baby fox. Imagine his good luck finding no mother around. She must have gone out for some food; he mused as he bent over the animal and worked.

Harry injected a ribosome into the tiny fox. This was the result of a process he used to convert Margaret’s DNA into a liquid form. He was pretty sure this vial was what he collected from the skin around her face. I need to be exact & careful which vial I start off with. The last baby animal he grabbed and injected with a vial translated from her fingernails caused an abnormal growth from the animal’s toes. They were so long; the baby would not have been able to survive, so he quietly smothered it and buried it out in the trees behind his home.

The vial he was using today had been the DNA which determined eye color. He had been injecting the tiny fox for several days now and he swore the animal’s eyes were beginning to look like Margaret’s.

Several years ago, after Harry realized that Margaret, his wife, was dying and there was nothing he could do to stop it, he began to change. He became withdrawn. On the outside he pretended to be the same. But deep down inside he was angry. Life could be so cruel. As a scientist, he saw this, but he had never been so personally affected. He spent many hours in his study doing research as Margaret slept after her chemo therapy sessions. He spent less time at the college and was there only to fulfill his contract to teach his classes in Environmental Science. He wanted to be home every minute with Margaret.

Harry began to read about DNA and what it can do. He knew what it was, but it was not his field of study. So he began to research it. Each day as Harry waited on his beautiful companion he collected some piece of her. Soon he had several vials lined up with snippets of her DNA.

He lay the fox down in the cage he had prepared for it. It was female. He smiled. Just like his late wife, Margaret. He was sure this would work and he would have a duplicate of his beautiful wife soon.

Harry had a plan.

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