I Give You This Child

By Danette Key

Dear Mother, Pure and Mild,
From Heaven above I give you my child.
Take him in your arms and give him love and care,
Remember where he came from,
Remember he’s from here.

Tell him stories of my kindness and love,
How I can help him to return to me above,
Love him in all that you say and you do,
Please let my child be an image of you.

The things of this world can bring his soul down,
So be there to comfort him,
To pick him up from the ground,
Lift his spirits high & support his every desire,
Tell him there is a God and an eternal place much higher.

My child has come to earth to live with you
To listen to everything you tell him to.
He’ll cling close to you in anger & in pain.
He needs all your love to dry his tears again!

So mother, Please take good care of my child,
Watch him close, don’t let him run wild!
Help him in all that he tries & strives for,
And I promise you untold blessings forever more.