Adams Apple
By Danette L. Key

A long time ago on the land of Gepos, Azerus (who was being punished by Apollo) was shipwrecked on an island where the Gods banished him. When he swam to shore, lying there on the beach was a lovely maiden named Amy, who took him by the hand and led him to her house where she lived alone. While there, he found out the island was only inhabited by women. Azerus and Amy fell deeply in love. After the inhabitants helped him make a ship, he took Amy away with him to Athens. Though the Gods knew Azerus escaped from his banishment, they allowed him to leave the island because of love. The two of them bore a son, Adam.

Adam grew up in Athens. He was a good baby boy. One day he was playing on the floor with his rattle and he swallowed it! They rushed him to the doctor, but it was too far gone. While he was there, he swallowed the doctor’s ring and his tongue depressor too. They thought this was very strange, but never did anything else about it since it didn’t seem to hurt the little boy.

When they got him home, he began to swallow books, pencils, plates-- everything you can think of in a home. Thereafter, he was known as the “swallowing Adam” by the people in the city. He grew up swallowing everything and anything as everyone watched and cheered him on. He won the hearts of the city folk easily and they grew to love and adore him.

One spring day, he heard of these special apples far, far away. They were the biggest Apples in the whole world and even the whole Universe! Adam wanted to try and see if he could swallow one. When he told his mother about it, she tried to dissuade him.

“Adam, they’re Athena’s apples.”

“Mom, I have to prove myself to the Gods. If I can swallow one of those apples, that takes days to eat, then maybe the Gods will see my as one them.” Adam had gotten a bit prideful as he grew. The city folk had worshipped him and adored him as they would have worshipped and adored one of the Gods. Adam little by little began to think himself as good as the Gods.

“Don’t say that!” She pleaded, “Athena, Zeus, please forgive him!”

Adam left anyway and on the long trip he met an old hermit. This hermit was interested in Adam for some reason and wanted him to do well. He gave Adam a liquid lubricant that makes his mouth and throat more slippery. Because of his pride, Adam laughed and said he didn’t need it. But he took it anyway and bid the hermit good-bye. No one knew who that hermit really was.

When Adam finally arrived at the grove of Apple trees, he couldn’t believe it! The apples were even bigger than the stories described. He put the bottle of lubricant down along with his knapsack and looked around.

“Look at these apples! I will become famous as the Gods if I swallow one of these.”

Meanwhile on Mount Olympus, Athena was very angry. She wanted to punish him right then and there. However Zeus thought it was very funny and made her wait to see what happened. Secretly, he hoped the boy would accomplish his goal. He wanted to see Adam swallow the apple.

So Adam picked a huge apple, stuffed it in his knapsack and headed home. However, he had left the lubricant sitting on the ground, which he will regret later. After he got home, Amy and Azerus were very happy to see him home alive. They knew how revengeful and powerful the Gods could be. Adam then announced to the city of Athens that he was going to put on a show. He told everyone he was going to swallow one of Athena’s great and marvelous apples.

That night, just before the show, he was looking around for the bottle of lubricant the hermit gave him. He remembered where he left it and got really nervous. Who was that hermit anyway? But then he shook it off, because he knew he could swallow anything! And tonight he was going to prove it.

The show began, the crowd was restless. Everyone wanted to see Adam swallow one of Athena’s well-known huge apples. Everyone was silent as Adam prepared to do what he knew best to do. About that time Zeus got tired of the boy’s games and allowed Athena to punish Adam any time she wanted to punish him. So just when Adam swallowed one of her great apples she put a curse on him and made his throat shrink! He sat there choking as the crowd moved in closer to witness the show. When his face began to turn red, his father jumped up and tried to push the apple out. but it was stuck tight! He continued to choke & began to lose consciousness. Amy, his mother, ran to Athena’s alter, knelt down and prayed and cried to Athena, begging her to forgive her only son! Athena began to feel sorry for Amy. She took off the curse and let the apple slip.

Everyone was happy and relieved. Everyone in the city loved Adam. They all congratulated him on his new triumph.

Nonetheless, Athena was still mad. She felt Adam should learn his lesson so that he will never forget his pride when it came to the Gods. So, for a sign to watch your pride and remember that the Gods have the greater power, she cursed every human being---with Adam’s apple.

Zeus took off the fake beard and hermit clothing and breathed a sigh. There will be another day to tease and persecute the humans.